Whole30 Quiche Recipe

Here’s the recipe to my favorite quiche! I didn’t have the right pans for a frittata, so I made it quiche-style. No PAM or spray to keep it from sticking, either. This recipe makes two full quiches which feeds the two of us for 5 days.

1 tbsp Olive Oil

Ground turkey

  • Brown the ground turkey


2 cups Butternut squash (blended)

*I buy frozen, cubed butternut squash from BJs

18 eggs beaten in a large bowl

  • Add eggs, butternut squash, and browned turkey to the bowl. Add 1-2 tsp of Kosher salt. Whisk together.

1 – 2 red peppers (seeded and cut into matchsticks)

1 onion (cut into thin slices)

  • Sauté in a little olive oil until peppers are soft and onions are translucent but not brown. Add these cooked veggies into the bowl with the egg mixture. Mix together.

1 cup basil (washed and dried)

1/4 cup of pine nuts

1/2 cup olive oil

Kosher salt

3 cloves garlic or to taste

1 tbsp cold water

  • Puree into pesto. Taste. Add more or less ingredients as desired.

In two pie plates, evenly pour the egg mixture. DO NOT grease the pie plate. DO NOT fill to the brim. Egg mixture should be about 3/4 up the side of the plate. Once the egg mixture is in the pie plates, drop dollops of pesto around the circle making sure each cut piece of pie will have some of that delicious pesto!

Bake- uncovered- at 375 for 40-45 minutes. Top of quiche should be golden brown.

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